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Compliance Services (CDM)

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

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Construction activities, whether large or small, are often prone to accidents and disruptions. Good planning, co-ordination and management of the safety process throughout the construction project is essential, and so is compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).

Safe Track Associates Limited provides a range of services to help companies / organisations and their contractors, ensuring that they are compliant with the complex requirements of the CDM Regulations.  The CDM Regulations place duties on Clients, Principal Designers, Designers and Contractors throughout every stage of a construction project.  We can help companies / organisations ensure that these key personnel, whether employees, consultants or contractors, are not only competent to carry out the work, but are also kept informed as to their health and safety responsibilities, and that adequate resources for health and safety are allocated.

Services we offer under CDM 2015

Principal Designer: We can take on this role independently or on behalf of a client or designer. We have an in-depth knowledge of CDM 2015, are experts in providing this service, and our team has worked on various sizes of projects in the Construction, Property, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.  Typical values range from £100K to £1B.

Principal Contractor / Construction Safety Management: We can take on this role independently or on behalf of a client or contractor. As with providing the Principal Designer role, again, we are expert at providing this service.  We have strong track records with successfully delivering projects of all types and sizes across the Construction, Property, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.  Typical values range from £100K to £500M.

Please refer to our Projects tab to view our Major Projects, Commissions and Contracts and Case Studies, which detail a selection of the projects that we have undertaken in recent years.

Health and Safety Plans

The Pre-construction Information Pack is an essential element of CDM compliance. The Principal Designer is responsible for the drawing up and the communication of the Pre-construction Information Pack.  The Principal Designer is also responsible for ensuring that the Construction Phase Plan is also developed by the Principal Contractor.  Thereafter, the Principal Contractor is responsible for developing the plan and keeping it up-to-date.

Safe Track Associates Limited can help ensure that both the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor fulfil their respective responsibilities and stay compliant with the CDM Regulations.

The very principles that govern sound Health and Safety planning for CDM can be read across to all other aspects of Health, Safety and Welfare planning, especially objective and target setting, tailored to meet your needs by Safe Track Associates Limited.

Property Portfolio: The Health and Safety File

Safe Track Associates Limited are experts in the compilation of the Health and Safety File.  We can produce and develop customised Property Portfolios that meet and exceed the requirements of the CDM Regulations.   We can create a comprehensive computerised database of your properties (that is user friendly, uncomplicated and easy to use) detailing all attributes of the structure including the maintenance requirements.