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Safe Track Associates Limited is extremely proud of its strong links and prestigious status with European and International companies.  With over fourteen years of experience and knowledge in this field, Safe Track Associates Limited are experts in supporting European and Internationally designed construction and engineering projects in the United Kingdom (UK).  We have worked on everything, from sustainable buildings (e.g. Timber Frame and Cross Laminated Timber [CLT] construction), to waste management, heavy engineering, and aircraft engineering.

With a thorough understanding that different countries take different approaches to ensuring occupational safety and health, Safe Track Associates Limited can make sure that international construction and engineering projects that are carried out in the UK are completed with safety and health as a top priority, and are fully compliant with UK health and safety legislation.

2018 sees us continuing to deliver Principal Designer and Construction Safety Management Services on various prestigious projects across the United Kingdom:

    • Northern Spire: We are completing a major road infrastructure and river crossing project in Sunderland involving UK, Belgian, French, Northern Irish, Southern Irish and Czech companies.
    • AstraZeneca New Headquarters: We continue to support this multimillion pound construction project in Cambridge involving UK, German and Swiss companies where we have staff based full time.
    • GKN Aerospace Services: The installation of several large, technologically advanced machines in an operational aerospace factory in Bristol where we are co-ordinating specialist French, German, Spanish and various UK Companies.
    • Development of a Station Plaza, Cycle Hub, Bridge and Pedestrian Routes in Greater London in conjunction with a Dutch Designer, Architect and Consulting Engineers from across the UK.
    • For more information, have a look at one of our case studies, or contact us for more details on how we can help your business take the safe track on a construction, manufacturing, engineering or property development project being carried out in the UK.
    • We are often chosen to complete high-profile projects like these due to our impressive track record of working with international clients, which has seen us attending design team meetings and client review meetings in the likes of Canada, USA, Germany and Austria.